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  1. Hello, how much do your half sheet and full sheet cakes cost? I’ll be needing one for my baby shower in April.

  2. Horrible experience and I had previously ordered cakes from them. They quoted me one price in the morning and by 4:30 the price had gone up another $50. Not good customer service. I am definitely taking my business elsewhere and am letting others know about this business practice.

  3. Hi Heather,
    The initial cake quoted to you was based on a basic cake cost, all themed cakes are of course extra.
    I try to work with all customers but in your case you rushed out the door. Unfortunately you will not even listen to my apology.
    Sorry we fell short on your expectation but, I truly can’t duplicate a copyright.

  4. Hello, my name is Mairany Anaya and I am a student at Upland High School. I am part of a school club called Global Aid that helps and donates money to various organizations. This year, we are taking part in the Heifer International charity that helps poor families around the world. Would you kindly be willing to donate a gift card that will be raffled off at our annual benefit? All of the proceeds will be donated to Heifer International. With your contribution, many will be able to experience your fabulous food and desserts as well as make a difference. This donation would greatly be appreciated on behalf of all the students in Global Aid.
    Sincerely, Upland High Global Aid club

  5. I LOVED your bakery! I stopped in during the Lemon Festival and bought just a sugar cookie and a butter croissant (I used a credit card, had a wild-haired son and a little girl, I have red hair, lol…) and man, you all are SO NICE! Not only did I love the atmosphere, but the lovely scents were intriguing me to no end. The “vibe” was so positive, I missed my baking days and thought, “I wanna work here!” :) I have one request – please, oh please, get your menu online? I want to get my early dinner from you all today, but my dad, who brings a lovely meal to my kids and I on Mondays, cannot see what you have to offer without going in first. An online menu would make it so much easier! (not just for us, for many, I’m sure!) Either way – I WILL be seeing you again! ~ Karen

  6. Hi Karen,
    Hope I’m not too late. When is the deadline for this event?

  7. Hi Karen,
    Oops! The initial reply was for Mairany.

    Karen, thanks for your very kind words. It was a great turn out last weekend. Hopefully, I will remember you when I see you again. Thank you for your patience. Our website is still under construction but, we give out our menu by the register. I can email it to you if you like.
    Yes, calling in your order ahead of time will save you a bit of time.
    Kind regards,
    909 920 3458

  8. Hello my name is Kaitlin Branconier. I am a seventeen year old senior at Charter Oak High School and currently job hunting; this is how I came across your business. I was drawn in by the name of your business because I enjoy baking and love coffee I figured this would be the perfect fit for me. I am interested in getting my first job and was wondering if you had any openings available. Please get back to me either way and if no jobs are available at this moment I would still be interested whenever you had an opening. My email address is kaitsaddress@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  9. Hello!!
    I just wanted to say that this place is Amazing! What I liked the most was the great service. Today was my first time eating at this place (upland,ca), and trust me it will not be the last one. I was so shocked by how nice Luis treated his costumers :) He made my day. Thank you so much for having employees like him this is ver appreciated.

  10. Dear Amy and Luis,

    My name is Elijah German with Consultaurant. We build and manage Facebook and Twitter pages for restaurants. I stopped in last week and spoke with Luis. Please let me know if you need help building a broader audience through social media as most restaurants are following suit. Thank you.

    Elijah German
    (714) 987-2179

  11. Hello Amy, Luis, and Boys,

    I just want to take this time to express to you how greatful we are to you and your business, for always being so wonderful. From the AWESOME Spaghetti to your FABULOUS Cakes and Pasteries. Not to mention your AMAZING Chicken and Lime Chicken Breast, which happens to be my favorite! I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE you all here at Circle N. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your customers EVERYDAY! I does not go unnoticed. I cant wait to see you soon!

    Thanks Again,

  12. Hello- I ordered a Batman cake for my son’s birthday party yesterday and I just wanted to express my extreme disappointment with my experience. I had talked to the owner and explained that I previously had a not so great experience with the last cake I ordered but was giving you guys another chance. She assured me that everything would be great this time. The cake was supposed to be ready by 10am yesterday and when my husband went to pick it up at 10:30 the cake was not even made and the employees clearly had lost the order. They assured us that they would deliver it by 12:30 which they did not. We then had to call back 2 more times before they finally delivered it and the party was almost over. The cake was ok. The writing was crooked and off center and the frosting stained everything blue. I unfortunately will not be purchasing another cake from your bakery ever again in the future and would not be able to recommend you to friends. And to be honest I am a bit shocked that no one has even called to apologize or offer at least a partial refund. Very disappointed in your customer service.
    Sincerely- Ashley Wheeler

  13. Ashley W, my sincere apologies. Just came across this message. Please accept my apology if we fell short on your order and expectation. If you read this kindly call me at the bakery and ask for Amy.

  14. Jackie and Renae, thank you ladies for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  15. Hi do you have any birthday cakes already made in the fridge case ? Please let me know I want to pick one up 7/18/2013 call or leave a mess if I don’t answer plz leave a mess Thx!! Patricia, Say “Camusta Ka” to the owner for me! :)

  16. How much is catering? I would love an array of your cookies for my Bridal Shower in February. Is there a discount on the cookies with large orders?


  17. Hi Angie,
    My apologies for this late reply. We are trying to get this website fixed but to no avail. Kindly give us a call at 909 920 3458

  18. LOVE the cake pops! I make my boyfriend get me them all the time since I am out of state!

  19. HI
    just want to know if you can give me a quote for a three tier cake that can feed 50-60 people. also want to know what cake flavors you have? if you can please email the information, ill appreciate it. Thank you

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